Chyuan Jaan Shing Industrial Company Limited (CJS) was established in 1993. CJS started with the capital investment of approximately NT 2,200 million (Taiwanese currency). Our company currently has strength of 60 employees. CJS also has a branch in Thailand. The factory in Thailand was established in 2004 and located at Navanakron Industrial Estate. The factory’s area is approximately 2800 sq meters. The factory’s capital was 10 million baht (Thai currency). It also has 60 employees.

Chyuan Jaan Shing is expert and specializes in manufacture the mold of plastic materials with two colors and with two different materials simultaneously such as plastics and elastics. Moreover, we service both the single plastic injection and the double plastic injection.

We gain a lot of experience from our well-known Japan cooperated partners, which is namely called Sanyo Seiko Limited. This company carries us with the manufacture technical suggestion.

CJS supplies a variety of precise components such as a part for computer peripheral devices, plastic parts for automobiles and communication terminal equipment and other electronic tools etc.

In addition, we also provide advices to the merchandise designs as well as the customer needs designs to get the right functional purposes. The process includes produce and design the plastic mold. CJS will produce a prototype product and let the customers check it before produce a final product. All information and details the customers need to know about the product will be advised and provided through out the process.

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